VIDEO: Start Your Own Coaching Tribe

When you persistently share the ENERGY of your coaching mission, a tribe can’t help but form around you!  See, as a coach on a mission, your real goal is to start your own tribe.  I suggest every coach study this video very carefully, even if you’ve seen it before.   Watch it several times and observe how you FEEL throughout, especially in the beginning… then read my comments below the video.

You’ll need to ignore the film quality (it’s an iPhone shoot or something like that), and bear with it for a few minutes before the real action starts.  And resist the temptation to fast forward, because it’s critical you observe the man’s energy BEFORE his mission has any outwards signs of success…

Your desire to fast-forward through the awkward feelings you might experience while watching the initial parts of this video will mirror your desire to skip foundational elements in your coaching career.  So settle in for just a few minutes and watch what happens when one person has the drive to PERSISTENTLY share their energy and keep moving!

I’d like to make a few more comments about the parallels between this video and starting a coaching practice:

  • The Dance Didn’t Start Itself:  In the absence of the first man on a mission, there’d have been NO tribe, no exuberance,  and no coming together of people in the joyous way you just witnessed.   It took the persistent, soulful dedication of this man’s energy to get things moving.  Not for very long… but long enough to stop most people from starting their own dance.    Play the video again:  You’ll see he had his first follower in just about 20 seconds.  And, believe it or not, the fear of that 20 seconds keeps most people from accomplishing what they want to in life. Most people are just 20 seconds away from starting their own tribe.     Most coaches are too!  (I can’t tell you how difficult it is to get coaches to do the #1 thing they need to do… which is to choose a niche and get out doing public workshops on it.   They feel they’re not worthy.  They fear the administrators who run the hotels, churches, schools, libraries, etc. will turn them away.  And so they don’t stand in front of them, and that 20 seconds never happens)    Nobody’s coming to the rescue, but if you’ll just stand up and dance for twenty seconds you might start something fabulous!
  • His Tribe Began When He Got His First Follower:  As soon as our man–let’s call him “Harry”–got ONE companion (let’s call him “Phil”), he DOUBLED the power of his mission.  All he had to do to keep the tribe growing was let’m in and KEEP DANCING!   Many beginning coaches attack themselves for having a very small practice as they’re getting started.   But it’s VERY hard to keep dancing when you’re attacking yourself.   I remember my first private clients… a 13 year old boy (about 24 years ago.)  I was charging his Mom just $25 because they couldn’t afford any more.    After a month or so I still didn’t have a second client and I told my supervisor “I’m never going to make a living like this.”   Know what he said?  “Glenn, one client IS a practice”… in other words “keep dancing!”  And do you know what?  He couldn’t have been more right!  Go get ONE client… let’m in and just keep coaching.
  • The Second Follower Defines a Culture:   When Harry and Phil were up there dancing by themselves, you didn’t really know what was going to happen.  People were still looking on and perhaps thinking “that’s interesting, two weird guys look like their having a good time.”  But when the second follower joins, well now it’s a GROUP.  And when there’s a group dancing in the field the crowd goes from thinking “Gee, those two weird guys look like they’re having a good time” to “Oh, maybe this is how you’re supposed to act here!”   Now there’s a CULTURE to contend with in the arena.   The mission starts to take hold!   Similarly, all a good coach needs to start spreading the energy of their mission is two great testimonials.  Preferably in audio or visual format.  Something they can put on their website and/or a CD so passers by can FEEL the energy that’s starting to surround them.   You need your coaching prospects to start thinking “that looks like a TRIBE I might want to join”.   How do you get them?  By choosing a niche and doing free workshop… then point and ask the happy participants what they thought!  (Seriously, I can’t overstate how valuable these types of audio-visual testimonials have been to me personally in building my own tribe.  It takes a little time and energy to make them happen, but they’ll serve your for years and years and years once you do)
  • Once Momentum Built He Couldn’t Have Stopped the Dance If He Tried:  Once there were more than a few followers, there was SOOOOO much energy behind the mission that no ordinary person could stop it if they tried… not even Harry.  It would have taken a police force to disperse this crowd.  A great mission persistently and energetically carried by a great person (or a great coach!) is CONTAGIOUS.

What’s the underlying take-away?

Choose a mission you feel passionate about.  Find a crowd.  Then stand up and dance your heart out like nobody’s watching until those first awkward seconds go by and you’ve got your first follower…

Then just keep dancing until the tribe forms around you!

Ready to join us yet?  Today you can Test Drive the REAL first week just $25… so come on in, watch a lesson, connect with another real coach, practice your skills, and try one of our LIVE supervision groups.  Because the dance is NOT going to start itself!

Glenn 🙂

PS – NEVER EVER EVER EVER underestimate what one person on an organized mission can accomplish!

(Many sincere thanks to Jonathan Drake for alerting me to this video last year)



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