The Marketing Power of Origin Stories to Build a Coaching Practice

Know what’s better than a coach with a cash register? A coach on a mission, that’s what!

In our certification program, we work hard to help our clients tell their origin stories with genuineness and passion because it’s the best way we’ve found to convey each coach’s unique mission…

And this is a concept we flat out stole from the success of super heroes in our culture.

EVERY hero has an origin story. Without one, they don’t rise to prominence. Because it’s the hero’s background which makes people want to know more about them. It’s their background which tells us who they are as a person. It’s their origin story which gives up hope that they’re not just out to take our money… they really want to help and have the power to do so!

My thinking on origin stories began with a series of conversations I had with Ryan Levesque, who was himself once one of my best coaching clients…and now has his own super-hero-like presence in the marketing world.

Here’s the very first audio we did on origin stories. I hope you’ll enjoy listening to it… I know I still do! Just right click the image and “save target as” to download the file. Or hit the play button on the bottom of the page.

Oh, and whatever you do, come join us in the certification program so you can develop your own origin story, acquire superior coaching skills, and see how to grow the thriving practice of your dreams!

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