MP3: Telling Real Stories to Get Coaching Clients

One of the most important things I teach in the Easy Coach Marketing(tm) system is how to consistently communicate with your audience to gradually step them from being a mildly interested prospect to becoming a client (and raving fan)…

And since the beginning of time, one of the best ways to do that is via telling real, personal stories.

I’ve always believed stories bypassed sales resistance because they’re hard-wired into our DNA.  Way back in caveman days, before the written word, it’s how knowledge was passed down within the tribe.  Our most intimate, trusted family, friends, and loved ones would “gather round the campfire” and share their tales.

Please listen to this short-but-critical interview with Terry Dean about using stories to sell…

To make it interesting, we reviewed three examples of REAL stories which got US to make a purchase!  The interview wasn’t originally recorded specifically for coaches, but it’s 100% applicable to the stories we post on our blogs, and more importantly those we tell in our webinars and workshops…



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