VIDEO: Is Life Coaching Really Just a Big Dumb Joke?

Is life coaching really just a big dumb joke?  If you watch this video, you might think so!

But here’s the truth…

  • No matter what we do, there will always be hostility towards coaches because it’s a lot easier to eat Cheese Doodles, drink beer, and revel in negativity than to do the work of setting goals, achieving them, and improving your life.  To justify the former, people have to criticize the latter.  It’s only human nature…
  • But to be fair, our critics DO have a point.  Nobody wakes up in the morning thinking “today’s the day I’ll hire a life coach”… Instead, they wake up thinking about specific PROBLEMS and GOALS in their life.  “How do I stop eating chocolate?” , “I’ve gotta make more money”, “I need to get along better with my wife”, “I’m so disorganized, how am I ever going to get started?”, “Where can I find another 4 hours a week to work on what I really want to do”, “Why is my teenager so depressed and what in the world can I do about it?”,  “How am I going to improve my scores on the SATs?”, “Why can’t I lose weight and keep it off?”, “Why can’t I speak up for myself with my husband (or boss, or colleagues)“…
  • What this means is that to really succeed as a coach we need to solve a specific problem for a specific audience.  To get you started in that direction, please download (and read!) if you haven’t already… it’s a life saver 🙂  (Oh, also, it’s FREE)

Anyway, I really appreciate the spirit in which the women above poked fun of themselves and our profession…

You’ve gotta develop a sense of humor if you’re gonna be a coach, because you can’t escape the barbs!


Glenn 🙂

PS – How about letting us get you trained and certified?



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