How to Sell 15000 Books on Amazon

Well, today’s post is a little different.

Turns out one of my favorite authors (Susan Schenck – author of The Live Food Factor) was self published.

And she sold 15,000+ books on using a few very simple techniques.

I had originally asked to do this interview mostly because I was so interested in the topic of her book (it’s about Live Foods) that I wanted to help her spread the word, and I thought it would be valuable for my followers to hear more about the process of researching and writing a book.

And I had thought “Oh, I’m such a great marketer, and she’s probably one of those authors who doesn’t know what she’s doing, let me lend a hand”

Little did I know it was ME who’d get the education!

Because we got into a pretty interesting marketing discussion, and I learned she actually lives off her book profits (not something you hear too often, even if she’s got a modest lifestyle)

Only one downside: The audio connection was funky on this one. We managed to edit out most of the skips, but apparently Skype in Ecuador is another thing entirely 🙁   You’ll definitely still be able to make out everything she said if you listen closely though…

And if you’re interested in selling thousands of copies of YOUR book on Amazon, I’d highly recommend you do :-)


Dr. G :-)

PS – The other thing about this interview which is VERY interesting, is that after publishing and promoting 15,000+ copies of her book, her further scientific research caused her to reverse her position about a key piece of advice within it. Gotta respect someone so devoted to finding and sharing the truth that they’re willing to admit when they were wrong. Kind of wish the internet gurus would do that, don’t you?

PPS – Ready to get certified?




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