Handling Clients NO Coach Should Ever Handle

Every coach needs to draw a clear line between psychotherapy, psychiatry, and coaching.  There are just some clients NO coach should handle!  But how DO you handle that conversation?  Imagine if, right in the beginning of your session your client confidently announces they’re planning on killing themselves that day.  What would you do?  Reflexively, you’re probably thinking to yourself:  “I’d just tell them I’m not trained for this”…

You’re NOT trained for it, so this is essentially what you’re supposed to say.   And because this is a public forum I need to make the disclaimer that I’m NOT telling you any different.

That said, given your client chose YOU as the designated human being to help resolve this genuine crisis in their life,  how WOULD you handle the conversation?  Would you end the session right there and then?  What tone of voice would you use?  How would you ensure the person actually followed up and got the help they needed to get?  Would you call the police?  An ambulance?  Drive them to the emergency room yourself?

It’s one thing to cover yourself legally, it’s quite another to be an actual human being in this very delicate situation.  Listen to this detailed interview with a seasoned coach in which we discussed such a delicate incident…

It’s far from the only thing we discussed.  The purpose of the interview was to share his experience, strength, and wisdom about the coaching field as a whole.  We talked extensively about how he got his first clients, and the techniques and methods he learned during his certification.   We also talked about how to STAY SANE as a coach when you were working with difficult clients…

But we also DID have the suicide conversation, and I think it’s something every coach should hear.

This is one of my better interviews, and you should “right click and save as” on the IMAGE above to download the MP3.  Or even better, sit back and have a listen right now!

(NEW: Download the transcript)

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