Overcoming Financial Head Trash That Holds Most Coaches Back

Something most coaches come to realize is that the more you charge, the more seriously you can take your coaching career. I’m all for doing some Pro Bono (free) work, but when you do too much coaching for FREE, it becomes very difficult to spend the time, energy, and money you want to spend on  your own career.

You worry about paying the bills, so it’s hard to concentrate on clients.  You worry about paying your own coach, so you don’t get the supervision, mentoring, and guidance you really need.  And you can only work so many hours for free because you’ve got to put the time into paying the rent. Let’s face it…unless you’re independently wealthy, FREE coaching becomes a losing game (for both you and your clients.)

But most coaches have a hard time in the beginning getting clients to pay them.  It’s like there’s this little monster inside that screams “NO!  YOU CAN’T CHARGE FOR THIS!” Listen to (or read) this great interview with Howie Jacobson to start purging the FREE demon now!


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You’ll not only learn from his journey from FREE –> PAID, you’ll get some serious insights into how he got comfortable charging SERIOUS PRICES for his coaching… serious prices his clients happily paid.



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