FREE BOOK: Why Fitness Trainers Make Great Coaches

Although I think that many people from all walks of life are prime candidates for becoming successful life coaches, there’s one group of people who completely embody everything a life coach is… sometimes without even knowing it!  People who encourage others to meet their goals and help them chart the course.   They support and encourage people along the way and are instinctively great at it…

EVERY coach can learn a lot from them…

Those people are, of course….fitness trainers.

Now, I’m not the only one who believes personal trainers can easily make the leap to certified professional coach.   In 2012, the American Council on Fitness Trends named “whole-life training,” a combination of life coaching and fitness training, one of the top trends of the year.

With a little education and tweaking your fitness business plan, you can add a whole new revenue stream to your career by offering life coaching services.

Here’s a free, short guide on why fitness trainers make great life coaches… and how they can go about it. Just RIGHT CLICK the image and Save Target As to download. Enjoy!



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