Compare Us to Other Programs
That Offer LIVE Supervision at Least
Weekly with Experienced Coaches and
Your Choice Becomes Clear!
PLUS: Now You Can Sample the REAL Program
(Not a Sales Webinar) for a One Time Payment of Only $25





Coaches Training Institute


Weekly Supervised Live Experience

Up to 3 Sessions Per Week!

Ongoing FREE Training and Support

Helps You Comfortably Get the Word Out4 (Very Important If You Are "Allergic to Marketing")

Helps You Choose the Right Coaching Niche4

Helps You Attract a Steady Stream of Clients4

Self Promotion Strategies by Proven Advertising & Branding Experts

Proven Strategies to Create Long-Term, Profitable Clients

Real Certificate via Postal Mail (One You Can Frame)

Only Twelve
Weeks to Graduate7

One on One Marketing Support?

Money Back Guarantee Thru Last Day of Class6

Lowest Total Cost After Advertised Discounts1






Lowest Available Monthly Payment5






One Time Cost to Sample the  Program
(Not Sales Webinar)


Other Important Factors

Requires non refundable deposit6



Requires non refundable deposit6


1 - Lowest total price including all discounts available on site on the date comparison data was compiled.
2 - Their live, supervised program is reviewed here.  Organization also offers self-taught class.
3 - Program is self paced.  Organization estimates twenty weeks at five hours per week.
4 - In our not-so-unbiased but still seriously considered opinion, backed up by the biographies and resumes of our founders we have more experience in BOTH coaching AND business development than any of our competitors
5 - Excluding "apply for a new credit card" and/or functionally similar options. 
Refers to lowest available through our company.  Outside financing with a bank may provide longer term loans with lower payments.
6 - As of publication date Coach Training Alliance requires a $499 non-refundable deposit to book your slot.  Robbins-Madanes offered a 30 day money back guarantee.  Coaches Training Institute required non-refundable deposit as much as $1,085 depending upon the chosen certification track.  None of the competitors listed above matched our "good through the very last day of class or 90 days (whichever is longer)" refund policy.
7 - Our program is self-paced with live supervised training and can be completed in a minimum of twelve weeks if you choose to complete the assignments weekly.  (This is not required).  Robbins-Madanes is self paced with an additional group component and an estimated 20 weeks to completion.  Coach Training Alliance requires six months.  IPEC approximately 5 months according to their materials.
LEGAL: Since our competitors' offers may change at any time we do not warrant or ensure accuracy of this chart on any given date.  You are responsible for doing your own due diligence before purchasing and/or enrolling in any program.  However, if you do encounter facts which contradict this chart, please contact us and, upon verification, we will make every reasonable effort to correct.
8 - CTI costs shown above do not include additional fees of approximately $300/mo. for your own coach plus possible missed session costs of approximately $140/session.