Overcome Any Coaching Obstacle

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People come to coaches often because they are stuck. They are at a point in their careers, education, or relationships where something is keeping them from moving forward. In my experience, the most common reason clients come to coaches is to help them break that logjam.

I’ve been a successful coach for more than fifteen years, and I’ve found my clients are inevitably the ones holding themselves back. It’s not the clients’ job, spouse, or lack of resources. It’s the things they tell themselves day in and day out that keep them stuck. They have tapes of core beliefs and values that play in their heads, and they are unable to change them. Helping them learn to change these tapes is one of the keys to a successful coaching practice.

You know those tapes, right? We ALL have them! They play messages to us all day long telling us what to do or not do. The voices may belong to your mother, your ex, or even your fourth-grade teacher. In psychology, they are often called “core beliefs” – things we’ve believed for so long we don’t even question them.  It’s OK to have core beliefs as long as they serve us well. But when they become outdated, don’t pertain to our lives anymore, or weren’t positive to begin with, they’ve absolutely gotta go!

But frequently clients tenaciously (and unconsciously) hold onto core beliefs and “old tapes” which stop them from achieving success.   You might even do it yourself…

They say things like, “You don’t have enough money for that,” or “You’re not smart enough.” They kill our clients’ dreams with thoughts like, “You’re too old to start a career,” or “You don’t have enough experience to do that.”

But what if I told you there was a way to stop those voices with their negative mantras in their tracks? What if there was a way to turn those negative thoughts into positive, productive statements to help your clients achieve their dreams and goals? Statements that could make your coaching clients—and maybe even YOU!—unstoppable?

There IS a way to change the way your clients think to help them build self-confidence and tackle whatever obstacles lay between where they are now and true happiness. It may not be an overnight cure. You’ll both have to work at it. But if you can convince your clients to redirect their thoughts for a few weeks, they’ll have a whole new outlook. It just might make them unstoppable… and that goes a long way towards fueling your practice, your coaching income, and preventing burnout.  (There’s nothing better than looking at a schedule full of unstoppable, inspired clients!)

Just download the book and read it in one evening… you might just be a different person (and better coach) tomorrow!




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