Helping Clients with Anger

Most of your clients won’t be chronically angry. However, some of them may experience surges of anger that cause them to behave badly, get them into trouble and create shame and guilt after the anger has subsided.

Learn how to employ a “surge protector” to make sure that anger won’t sabotage your clients’ personal lives and careers.

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Why anger has important survival value.
  • How your clients can use anger as a stop sign and react calmly instead of picking up the sign and clobbering people over the head with it.
  • WARNING: There’s a specific action your clients must never take when feeling angry – Instead, teach them practical strategies for provocative situations.
  • The single most important question your clients need to learn to ask themselves when they feel angry.
  • And much more.

Note that there’s a bit of an echo in the recording. However, it’s just a minor nuisance in a major learning opportunity.



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