Helping Clients Who Struggle with Anxiety

When you are coaching clients, anxiety often presents itself as resistance to taking action and moving toward their goals. Learn to treasure and use anxiety as a signal that lets you know there’s a concern that needs to be brought to conscious awareness.

By bringing that concern into awareness, you’ll accelerate your clients’ progress.

Here’s what you’ll discover in this recording:

  • A simple technique that shows the size of the anxiety your client is experiencing. As it shrinks you will know that your intervention was successful.
  • The thought-score process that will allow you to know exactly which thoughts trigger the anxiety in your client.
  • How to know with great precision what specific thoughts are causing anxiety and how to use that information to problem-solve.
  • The “That Was Then, This is Now” technique you can use to help clients deal with anxiety triggered by past experiences.
  • How you can get one-on-one training with Dr. Heitler for free
  • And much more…



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