Helping Clients Who Experience Negative Emotions

We’ve got a treat for you today…

Sharon was able to corner one of the country’s leading psychologists and the author of multiple books, Dr. Susan Heitler, into revealing her secrets to dealing with negative emotions.

In this first interview you’ll discover the simple model Dr. Heitler uses to pinpoint the exact problem that’s holding her clients back. The same model then suggests an ‘emotional antidote’ to the specific problem.

And don’t worry… all the techniques described in this interview are self-treatment strategies which you can easily teach your clients even though you’re not a licensed mental health professional.

And the best part is… you can use these strategies to lift your own spirit when you begin to feel a little down, irritated or uneasy.

Here’s what Sharon and Susan discuss in this recording:

  • When anger can be a useful emotion and how to harness its power to help you or your coaching clients overcome an obstacle.
  • The ‘Fold Road’ reaction and why a small wave of depression that drops your serotonin levels might be a good thing.
  • WARNING: Three natural responses which might save your client’s life in the wild are harmful in modern society – Discover how to identify and counteract those responses.
  • How coaches can be enormously supportive by helping their students connect their feeling (depression, anxiety, anger, etc.) to the root problem and why this is a critical first step in dealing with negative emotions.
  • The powerful question that will help you lead your student from feeling stuck in a negative emotion to focusing on positive action.

  • And much more…



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