FREE BOOK: Note Taking for Coaches

Because coaching is an unregulated industry, there are no clear “rules” or government expectations for keeping a chart or taking notes on your coaching clients.  But in our considered experience, keeping a chart and taking notes on clients taking is extremely valuable and important for every kind of coach.  It helps you remember key points about your sessions, track your client’s progress, and protect yourself in the event of a conflict.

More importantly taking notes helps “clear your palate” between clients so you can be more fully present for the next person.  When things are written down your brain can stop worrying about important details from the last session and focus on the person in front of you.   Which is why I’ve prepared this FREE short book for you about how coaches can become more effective note takers and chart keepers (right click the image and save as to download the book)


After downloading, please click here to see if enrollment in our certification and training programs is currently available.

 (I apologize for the frequent waiting lists as of late.  Personal attention in the program is very important to us and there’s only so many experienced coaches we can train to assist… plus Sharon and I both always run at least one of the groups personally each week)



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