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I think most coaches are good listeners…better than other people. And most coaches would probably evaluate themselves similarly. But since listening is hands down the most important skill a coach employs, there’s always room for improvement.  And there’s a LOT more to listening than just hearing. It’s important to know how to optimize your listening skills so you don’t miss a key piece of information when your client finally becomes brave enough to share it.

Most coaches these days practice over the telephone or Skype. And there are both positives and negatives to this arrangement.  Distance coaching allows you to serve clients all over the world. Which is great, especially if you have a narrow coaching niche.  It’s also very convenient, allows you to work from home, and keeps operating costs low—something absolutely essential for beginners.

But the downside of phone coaching sessions is you can miss some things due to being unable to see your client. You won’t know, for example, that she just crossed her arms when you asked an important question. You can’t see him break eye contact when discussing his mother.  Body language can be an important tool in coaching.

That’s why listening skills are particularly important in the modern era. Just like a blind person, you have to power-up your other senses to make up for what you can’t see. You have to listen for things you normally wouldn’t hear during an everyday phone call with a colleague or a family member.

Which is why I had this quick read on listening skills developed to help you make the most of your sessions.

I hope you find some of these skills useful… even surprising. And I hope you pass them on to your clients.

Everyone can improve their communication skills by learning to listen better.

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