Working with Clients When They’re Feeling Down

Depression can prevent your clients from taking action. In this recording Dr. Susan Heitler describes how to identify depression in your clients (and yourself). She then lays out simple and effective strategies that enable your clients to lift their spirits and move forward.

IMPORTANT: In all cases of depression (especially the severe ones) you and your clients should seek the help of a licensed professional and get their permission to continue the coaching. But with lighter to moderate depression, you might additionally want to try these methods:

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • Why anti-depressants can sometimes actually dig depressed people into a deeper hole.
  • The signs of depression – How people describe their feelings, physical sensations and thoughts when they are feeling depressed.
  • The negative cognitive triad– The ‘Dark Glasses’ effect that blocks depressed people from taking action – Once you understand the negative cognitive triad, you’ll be able to see more quickly when your clients are experiencing depression.
  • The PPP (Three Ps) model for emerging from a depressing dark hole – Pinpoint, Pump Up and Problem Solve.
  • The brilliant technique that uses anger to pinpoint the exact source of the depression.
  • A simple visualization technique that makes your client feel like a GIANT next to the problem. Your clients will love this technique!
  • The three questions to ask to lead your client through the problem-solving phase.
  • How to make sure your client remains pumped up during problem-solving.
  • And much more…



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