Using a Book to Promote Your Coaching Practice…

You might not know it but I’m a fully recovered binge eater… There were times when I used to ‘dislodge’ my jaw and devour the entire contents of the refrigerator. So I had to come up with a system to ween myself off binge eating. And that system worked so well for me, I decided to write a […]

VIDEO: Reward Success, Celebrate Failure, Punish Inaction

My darling wife and partner Dr. Sharon Livingston has a very interesting mantra “Reward Success, Celebrate Failure, and Punish Inaction”… she believes (and I agree) one can accomplish virtually anything with a focused goal pursued with this mindset.  What do YOU think?  Watch the short video below now to let us know…

Understanding the Certification Program

Please Give the Video Just a Few Moments to Load Click Here to See the Buttons Referenced within the Video

VIDEO: Start Your Own Coaching Tribe

When you persistently share the ENERGY of your coaching mission, a tribe can’t help but form around you!  See, as a coach on a mission, your real goal is to start your own tribe.  I suggest every coach study this video very carefully, even if you’ve seen it before.   Watch it several times and observe how you […]

VIDEO: Is Life Coaching Really Just a Big Dumb Joke?

Is life coaching really just a big dumb joke?  If you watch this video, you might think so! But here’s the truth… No matter what we do, there will always be hostility towards coaches because it’s a lot easier to eat Cheese Doodles, drink beer, and revel in negativity than to do the work of […]