Weird Coaching Niches – Jamie Gannon

I never cease to be astounded by the myriad of weird-but-brilliant coaching niches our students seem to find. Jamie Gannon has certainly discovered a unique one… and one I don’t think anyone but him would be able to deliver with anywhere near the same power! Listen to his intriguing story below… (right click and “save […]

One of the Most Inspiring Coaches (Ever!)

Shawn Miller lost his 4 year old daughter in a house fire, and later lost his 4 month old grandson to pneumonia.  After a LONG bout with his grief, Shawn is now passionate about helping others deal with loss and tragedy without turning to drugs, alcohol, and/or other self-destructive behavior.  Whatever you’re facing in your life, […]

The Problem with MLM for Coaches

FREE TRANSCRIPT AND FULL LENGTH MP3 INTERVIEW:  (Right click the images to Save As to download) FULL DISCLOSURE: I talk to a LOT of coaches exploring Multilevel Marketing as a supplemental income source while they’re building a practice.  As you’ll see in the interview, I’m pretty skeptical about MLM for coaches because most don’t seem […]

The Right Way to End a Coaching Session

What’s the right way to end a coaching session?  The answer isn’t always as simple as it might seem… and most coaches get it wrong for the first few years.  Which is a shame because it’s got serious implications for your practice!  Listen below as my darling wife and I discuss the nuances: Or Click […]

Inspiring Others Even Before You Get Certified

Mecca Campbell is an inspired coach-to-be who decided she didn’t have to wait until she was certified to start sharing her life experience and wisdom with others.   Listen to this intriguing interview to hear how she got up and put together an inspiring radio show (“Ms. Mecca’s Take”) for the public and began attracting her […]

How to Become Unstoppable

 There’s no such thing as an easy client.  Inevitably people throw up road blocks for themselves AND for you as a coach. Listen to “The Possibility Coaches” (John Satin and Chris Pattay) and I talk about some of the more common roadblocks and how to overcome them:    Right Click the Images Above to Download or […]

MP3: Telling Real Stories to Get Coaching Clients

One of the most important things I teach in the Easy Coach Marketing(tm) system is how to consistently communicate with your audience to gradually step them from being a mildly interested prospect to becoming a client (and raving fan)… And since the beginning of time, one of the best ways to do that is via […]

About Certification, Accreditation, and Regulation of the Coaching Industy

Feel a little (or a lot!) confused about certification, accreditation, and regulation in the coaching industry?   Listen to the VERY SHORT interview below (or read the transcript) and all the confusion will go away, we promise!  (We’ll not only explain the situation, but also how our coach training and certification fits in… in matter […]

Eight Steps to a Coaching Breakthrough

What if you could engineer a coaching breakthrough for your clients in virtually every session?  In this intriguing interview with spiritual life coach Mike Brown you’ll find out that it just might be possible!  Enjoy 🙂   Right Click the Images Above to Download or Scroll Down to Listen Online (Or Click Here for More Information […]

‘Crazy’ Coaching Techniques That Just Might Work…

In coaching, (as in life) sometimes a straight-forward linear approach is most useful. At other times, intuitive, unconventional approaches can produce PROFOUND results. In this interview one of our founders, Dr Sharon Livingston, pulls back her veil a bit to reveal her ‘Shaman Sharon’ side and demonstrates in person and with examples, how the use […]