Using a Book to Promote Your Coaching Practice…

You might not know it but I’m a fully recovered binge eater… There were times when I used to ‘dislodge’ my jaw and devour the entire contents of the refrigerator. So I had to come up with a system to ween myself off binge eating. And that system worked so well for me, I decided to write a […]

Group Dynamics Basics for Coaches

Running groups is very important for coaches both for the economics of their practice (you can earn more per hour, on average in a group than you can individually) AND for marketing…because it’s easier to sell a group coaching program to new prospects. That’s because group programs more easily lend themselves to a defined set […]

The Marketing Power of Origin Stories to Build a Coaching Practice

Know what’s better than a coach with a cash register? A coach on a mission, that’s what! In our certification program, we work hard to help our clients tell their origin stories with genuineness and passion because it’s the best way we’ve found to convey each coach’s unique mission… And this is a concept we […]

How to Coach Focus

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How to Coach a Perfectionist

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How to MOTIVATE Your Coaching Clients

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Women Empowering Women

Here’s a thought for you:  Women in our society today THINK they are empowered… but the truth is most have a long way to go.  As sad as it might be, our culture still oppresses women.  Maybe not as much as we did 50 years ago, but it’s still definitely the case. Enter Necie Edwards. […]

Dream Analysis for Coaches – A Practical Guide

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One of the Most Inspiring Coaches (Ever!)

Shawn Miller lost his 4 year old daughter in a house fire, and later lost his 4 month old grandson to pneumonia.  After a LONG bout with his grief, Shawn is now passionate about helping others deal with loss and tragedy without turning to drugs, alcohol, and/or other self-destructive behavior.  Whatever you’re facing in your life, […]

CHEAT SHEET: Time Management for Coaches

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