Using a Book to Promote Your Coaching Practice…

You might not know it but I’m a fully recovered binge eater… There were times when I used to ‘dislodge’ my jaw and devour the entire contents of the refrigerator. So I had to come up with a system to ween myself off binge eating. And that system worked so well for me, I decided to write a […]

Group Dynamics Basics for Coaches

Running groups is very important for coaches both for the economics of their practice (you can earn more per hour, on average in a group than you can individually) AND for marketing…because it’s easier to sell a group coaching program to new prospects. That’s because group programs more easily lend themselves to a defined set […]

FREE BOOK: How to Become an Even Better Listener (for Coaches)

I think most coaches are good listeners…better than other people. And most coaches would probably evaluate themselves similarly. But since listening is hands down the most important skill a coach employs, there’s always room for improvement.  And there’s a LOT more to listening than just hearing. It’s important to know how to optimize your listening […]

What Do Business Coaches Actually Do?

Ever wonder what BUSINESS coaches actually do? Right Click and Save Target As to find out 🙂 (Or listen online below) Now You Can TRY Our Actual Certification Program–NOT a High Pressure Sales Webinar–for a One Time Payment of Just $25

MP3: Telling Real Stories to Get Coaching Clients

One of the most important things I teach in the Easy Coach Marketing(tm) system is how to consistently communicate with your audience to gradually step them from being a mildly interested prospect to becoming a client (and raving fan)… And since the beginning of time, one of the best ways to do that is via […]

About Certification, Accreditation, and Regulation of the Coaching Industy

Feel a little (or a lot!) confused about certification, accreditation, and regulation in the coaching industry?   Listen to the VERY SHORT interview below (or read the transcript) and all the confusion will go away, we promise!  (We’ll not only explain the situation, but also how our coach training and certification fits in… in matter […]