Find Your Monday Morning Mojo

Rodney Long, one of our recent Fast Track graduates, is one of the most inspiring men you’ll ever meet. During the event, he developed a very creative talk about finding your Passion on Monday Mornings… after an inspiring weekend, a positive event, or a just plan relaxing weekend off. You might want to listen to […]

CHEAT SHEET: 8 Reasons NEVER to Answer the Phone as a Coach

Most new coaches are surprised when I supervise them NEVER to answer the phone as a coach. Here’s why: After Downloading Please Click Here

Group Dynamics Basics for Coaches

Running groups is very important for coaches both for the economics of their practice (you can earn more per hour, on average in a group than you can individually) AND for marketing…because it’s easier to sell a group coaching program to new prospects. That’s because group programs more easily lend themselves to a defined set […]

CHEAT SHEET: Time Management for Coaches

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Goal Setting for Coaches

To most coaches, goal setting comes naturally. Identifying a goal and creating action steps is second nature to us. But because of this, it’s easy to forget most of our clients don’t even have the slightest clue how to begin! People seek out coaches to help determine what they really want in life. More importantly, […]

Laser Focused Productivity and Accomplishment

If you’re not getting the results you’ve dreamed of in business, weight loss, writing your book, getting that campaign/salesletter/product done…or ANY other important area because there never seems to be enough time, you lose your motivation, get distracted, or just plain keep getting in your own way, then you absolutely need to listen to and/or […]

Using Personality to Build Rapport and Get Results – Part Two

Here’s part two of the interview with Sharon on How to Build Faster, Stronger Rapport and Get Better Results with Clients by Leveraging Their Personality Type! (Right click the image and save link as to download the MP3) After Downloading Please Click Here

FREE MP3: How to Build Better, Stronger Rapport for Faster Results and Referrals

Has this even happened to you?   You clearly and carefully explain something to a client…but they respond with a painfully blank stare.  Or a long, uncomfortable silence. Or perhaps you posed a simple question, or asked them to participate in an exercise, but something just didn’t click. Wanna know why? You used the WRONG communication style […]

FREE BOOK: How to Become an Even Better Listener (for Coaches)

I think most coaches are good listeners…better than other people. And most coaches would probably evaluate themselves similarly. But since listening is hands down the most important skill a coach employs, there’s always room for improvement.  And there’s a LOT more to listening than just hearing. It’s important to know how to optimize your listening […]

The Relationship and Couples Coaching Interview

So… you’ve been wondering where in the world the RELATIONSHIP coaching interview is? Here it is! My father, Martin S. Livingston, Ph.D. happens to have been working extensively with couples during the same period I was doing it. So way back when (about 15 years ago) we decided to “make a tape.” And here it […]