Using a Book to Promote Your Coaching Practice…

You might not know it but I’m a fully recovered binge eater… There were times when I used to ‘dislodge’ my jaw and devour the entire contents of the refrigerator. So I had to come up with a system to ween myself off binge eating. And that system worked so well for me, I decided to write a […]

Do Coaches That Read Earn More?

Do people who read actually earn more?  To find out, I asked the man in the know, Dan Pfister!   Dan’s been running one of the world’s best book summary services as long as I’ve known him… I hope you truly enjoy it, I know I did 🙂 Right click and “save as” to download […]

Overcoming Price Objections (The Persimmon Paradox)

Persimmons are far and away my favorite food. They outrank everything including chocolate, pasta, pizza, bread and butter, bagels, black and white cookies, onion soup, salmon,  fried clams, applesauce… even my mother’s tuna casserole (sorry Mom!) In fact, as they’re only available in New Hampshire for about 6 weeks in the fall each year, if […]