VIDEO: Reward Success, Celebrate Failure, Punish Inaction

My darling wife and partner Dr. Sharon Livingston has a very interesting mantra “Reward Success, Celebrate Failure, and Punish Inaction”… she believes (and I agree) one can accomplish virtually anything with a focused goal pursued with this mindset.  What do YOU think?  Watch the short video below now to let us know…

How to Coach Focus

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FREE BOOK: Overcoming Adversity

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Dream Analysis for Coaches – A Practical Guide

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FREE BOOK: Note Taking for Coaches

Because coaching is an unregulated industry, there are no clear “rules” or government expectations for keeping a chart or taking notes on your coaching clients.  But in our considered experience, keeping a chart and taking notes on clients taking is extremely valuable and important for every kind of coach.  It helps you remember key points […]

FREE BOOK: Self Care for Coaches

Right Click and Save As to Download Your FREE Coaching Book Most coaches love what they do. There’s nothing better than getting up in the morning and helping people achieve their goals and dreams. Most of us get to set our own hours, which provides some flexibility that we wouldn’t have in the typical 9-to-5 […]

The Right Way to End a Coaching Session

What’s the right way to end a coaching session?  The answer isn’t always as simple as it might seem… and most coaches get it wrong for the first few years.  Which is a shame because it’s got serious implications for your practice!  Listen below as my darling wife and I discuss the nuances: Or Click […]

FREE BOOK: How to Write a Coaching Book

You’re a coach…or at least you want to be one! Coaches write and publish books. Need I say more? So here’s a short book on how to write your first coaching book, just to get you started.   Just RIGHT click the BOOK IMAGE and “Save As” to download it… But please allow me this […]

Overcome Any Coaching Obstacle

FREE EBOOK:  OVERCOME ANY COACHING OBSTACLE (Just right click the book and “save as” to download CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT GETTING CERTIFIED People come to coaches often because they are stuck. They are at a point in their careers, education, or relationships where something is keeping them from moving forward. In my experience, […]

How to Obliterate Financial Shame

A few years back I did a favor for a colleague who has a very large (e.g. 300,000+) marketing audience.    It was shortly after the economy tanked big time, and literally tens of thousands of people on this list were teetering on the verge of bankruptcy… My colleague asked me to do something I […]