Find Your Monday Morning Mojo

Rodney Long, one of our recent Fast Track graduates, is one of the most inspiring men you’ll ever meet. During the event, he developed a very creative talk about finding your Passion on Monday Mornings… after an inspiring weekend, a positive event, or a just plan relaxing weekend off. You might want to listen to […]

Weird Coaching Niches – Jamie Gannon

I never cease to be astounded by the myriad of weird-but-brilliant coaching niches our students seem to find. Jamie Gannon has certainly discovered a unique one… and one I don’t think anyone but him would be able to deliver with anywhere near the same power! Listen to his intriguing story below… (right click and “save […]

The Marketing Power of Origin Stories to Build a Coaching Practice

Know what’s better than a coach with a cash register? A coach on a mission, that’s what! In our certification program, we work hard to help our clients tell their origin stories with genuineness and passion because it’s the best way we’ve found to convey each coach’s unique mission… And this is a concept we […]

The Ultimate Desire to Share and Spare

Do you know what drives most coaches, at bottom? The desire to “share and spare”…To SHARE their experience and SPARE others the pain they went through in learning what they’ve learned. Kimberly Elliot is perhaps the ultimate example of this drive taken to it’s fruition.  I dare anyone to listen to this incredibly moving interview […]

Four Ways to Corner Your Coaching Market

This is a marketing gem from our archives of business interviews. My apologies in advance for the audio quality… it was recorded 10 years ago but is still as applicable today as it was then. Definitely worth listening to! (We’ve provided a cheat sheet to make it easier, but you’ll want to listen through anyway […]

Women Empowering Women

Here’s a thought for you:  Women in our society today THINK they are empowered… but the truth is most have a long way to go.  As sad as it might be, our culture still oppresses women.  Maybe not as much as we did 50 years ago, but it’s still definitely the case. Enter Necie Edwards. […]

One of the Most Inspiring Coaches (Ever!)

Shawn Miller lost his 4 year old daughter in a house fire, and later lost his 4 month old grandson to pneumonia.  After a LONG bout with his grief, Shawn is now passionate about helping others deal with loss and tragedy without turning to drugs, alcohol, and/or other self-destructive behavior.  Whatever you’re facing in your life, […]

The Problem with MLM for Coaches

FREE TRANSCRIPT AND FULL LENGTH MP3 INTERVIEW:  (Right click the images to Save As to download) FULL DISCLOSURE: I talk to a LOT of coaches exploring Multilevel Marketing as a supplemental income source while they’re building a practice.  As you’ll see in the interview, I’m pretty skeptical about MLM for coaches because most don’t seem […]

Laser Focused Productivity and Accomplishment

If you’re not getting the results you’ve dreamed of in business, weight loss, writing your book, getting that campaign/salesletter/product done…or ANY other important area because there never seems to be enough time, you lose your motivation, get distracted, or just plain keep getting in your own way, then you absolutely need to listen to and/or […]

The Right Way to End a Coaching Session

What’s the right way to end a coaching session?  The answer isn’t always as simple as it might seem… and most coaches get it wrong for the first few years.  Which is a shame because it’s got serious implications for your practice!  Listen below as my darling wife and I discuss the nuances: Or Click […]