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Has this even happened to you?   You clearly and carefully explain something to a client…but they respond with a painfully blank stare.  Or a long, uncomfortable silence.

Or perhaps you posed a simple question, or asked them to participate in an exercise, but something just didn’t click.

Wanna know why? You used the WRONG communication style for your client’s personality.

You see, there really are different TYPES of clients.  And the approach which works miraculously for one can be—and often is—completely useless for the next.

You’d have better luck getting your dog to read an email.  In fact, one could say that using the WRONG type of communication for your client’s personality type is the #1 coaching error.  Because no matter how much they may genuinely want to understand you, it’s almost impossible they ever will.  Worse yet, this type of communication mis-match actually harms rapport, prevents referrals, and can cause clients to terminate prematurely.

Right click the image below and “save as” to download this brilliant interview with my darling wife and partner Dr. Sharon Livingston (who wrote her dissertation on personality types and has used them to build faster, stronger rapport with over 63,000 paid interviews in a very high pressure environment)…


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