DO THIS RIGHT AWAY: Watch the orientation video below
THEN DO THIS: Sign up to get reminders for the LIVE Supervision Groups.
AND THIS: Join the Coaching Practice Group and introduce yourself!


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  • This is a member’s only group open to active students and alumni in good standing. You’re not required to use it, but it’s generally most helpful to connect with others going through the same program who are trying to complete the same requirements.

  • Please note Facebook is NOT required to go through the program! It’s just an added convenience to help you find practice partners, and to connect with fellow students and alumni. If you are not a “Facebook Person,” please just raise your hand during any live supervision meeting and ask your instructor to help you find practice partners

  • First log into Facebook, then click the image above and/or visit Then click “Join Group” and wait for an administrator to approve you. (Within one business day if not sooner). There is a SHORT video with instructions once you’re in.


Because the live supervision groups are the cornerstone of our program where you get the most personal help and interaction, most people sign up for ALL of them so they’ll get the reminders. Then they just attend when convenient. (Please watch the orientation video to review the program structure if you don’t understand this.) However, it’s completely up to you!


Your live group supervisors are ultra-experienced in the coaching industry and thoroughly familiar with our entire program. That said, with the exception of ourselves (Glenn and Sharon Livingston) they were chosen for their COACHING SKILLS over and above their marketing skills. Moreover, while coaching skills are easily taught and absorbed in the group environment, we’ve found people are more amenable to discuss the details of their marketing plans one on one.

For these reasons we have arranged for a marketing supervisor to meet with you ONE ON ONE for up to two full hours (in 30 minute blocks)at no additional charge while you are actively pursuing your credential with us. To take advantage of this–and you should!–just contact them and coordinate a time directly. To request a marketing consult please send an email to: You will hear from your marketing supervisor to schedule your consultation within two business days.

If you’re coming in the very first day you took the Coaching Test, you probably haven’t yet discovered our podcast, free books, and free videos. These are not part of the certification program per se’ as they are available to the public. But they are a valuable resource which most of our students find to be a very useful supplement to their experience with us. Here are a few key items you should download and listen to when you get a chance (1) Time Management Techniques for Coaches (2) How to Obliterate Financial Shame (3) 11 Ways to Get Stellar Results and Referrals (4) Eliminating the Head Trash Which Holds Most Coaches Back