Helping Clients with Anger

Most of your clients won’t be chronically angry. However, some of them may experience surges of anger that cause them to behave badly, get them into trouble and create shame and guilt after the anger has subsided. Learn how to employ a “surge protector” to make sure that anger won’t sabotage your clients’ personal lives […]

Helping Clients Who Struggle with Anxiety

When you are coaching clients, anxiety often presents itself as resistance to taking action and moving toward their goals. Learn to treasure and use anxiety as a signal that lets you know there’s a concern that needs to be brought to conscious awareness. By bringing that concern into awareness, you’ll accelerate your clients’ progress. Here’s […]

Working with Clients When They’re Feeling Down

Depression can prevent your clients from taking action. In this recording Dr. Susan Heitler describes how to identify depression in your clients (and yourself). She then lays out simple and effective strategies that enable your clients to lift their spirits and move forward. IMPORTANT: In all cases of depression (especially the severe ones) you and […]

Helping Clients Who Experience Negative Emotions

We’ve got a treat for you today… Sharon was able to corner one of the country’s leading psychologists and the author of multiple books, Dr. Susan Heitler, into revealing her secrets to dealing with negative emotions. In this first interview you’ll discover the simple model Dr. Heitler uses to pinpoint the exact problem that’s holding […]