The Ultimate Desire to Share and Spare

Do you know what drives most coaches, at bottom? The desire to “share and spare”…To SHARE their experience and SPARE others the pain they went through in learning what they’ve learned. Kimberly Elliot is perhaps the ultimate example of this drive taken to it’s fruition.  I dare anyone to listen to this incredibly moving interview […]

Four Ways to Corner Your Coaching Market

This is a marketing gem from our archives of business interviews. My apologies in advance for the audio quality… it was recorded 10 years ago but is still as applicable today as it was then. Definitely worth listening to! (We’ve provided a cheat sheet to make it easier, but you’ll want to listen through anyway […]

What Clients Must Believe Before Purchasing

Every coaching client must believe this one critical thing before they’ll purchase sessions from you! Right Click the IMAGE and “Save As” to download: AFTER DOWNLOADING PLEASE CLICK HERE TO CHECK STATUS

Publicity 101 for Coaches

Want Free Publicity?  Download this 8 page mini-book!  (Right Click the Image and Save As to Download) After Downloading Click Here to Check Enrollment Status