Dream Analysis for Coaches – A Practical Guide

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Increasing Your Intuition – For Coaches

Everybody’s got intuition… but not everyone knows you can cultivate and enhance it with some simple exercises and activities (once you understand what intuition actually is!) Listening to your gut often provides coaches with those “aha” insight moments they need to help a client solve a baffling problem. Find out how you can harness the […]

One of the Most Inspiring Coaches (Ever!)

Shawn Miller lost his 4 year old daughter in a house fire, and later lost his 4 month old grandson to pneumonia.  After a LONG bout with his grief, Shawn is now passionate about helping others deal with loss and tragedy without turning to drugs, alcohol, and/or other self-destructive behavior.  Whatever you’re facing in your life, […]

Do Coaches That Read Earn More?

Do people who read actually earn more?  To find out, I asked the man in the know, Dan Pfister!   Dan’s been running one of the world’s best book summary services as long as I’ve known him… I hope you truly enjoy it, I know I did 🙂 Right click and “save as” to download […]