Using Personality to Build Rapport and Get Results – Part Two

Here’s part two of the interview with Sharon on How to Build Faster, Stronger Rapport and Get Better Results with Clients by Leveraging Their Personality Type! (Right click the image and save link as to download the MP3) After Downloading Please Click Here

FREE MP3: How to Build Better, Stronger Rapport for Faster Results and Referrals

Has this even happened to you?   You clearly and carefully explain something to a client…but they respond with a painfully blank stare.  Or a long, uncomfortable silence. Or perhaps you posed a simple question, or asked them to participate in an exercise, but something just didn’t click. Wanna know why? You used the WRONG communication style […]

How to Obliterate Writer’s Block (for Coaches and Consultants)

If you’re a coach or consultant, the ability to frequently and persuasively communicate is immensely important.  Effortless, meaningful, and powerful messages dramatically improve client acquisition—as well as results and referrals!  Blogs, tweets, Facebook posts, newsletters, client email, written exercises, YouTube video scripting… as technology grows, so do our opportunities for contact with our prospective and […]

FREE BOOK: How to Become an Even Better Listener (for Coaches)

I think most coaches are good listeners…better than other people. And most coaches would probably evaluate themselves similarly. But since listening is hands down the most important skill a coach employs, there’s always room for improvement.  And there’s a LOT more to listening than just hearing. It’s important to know how to optimize your listening […]

FREE BOOK: Note Taking for Coaches

Because coaching is an unregulated industry, there are no clear “rules” or government expectations for keeping a chart or taking notes on your coaching clients.  But in our considered experience, keeping a chart and taking notes on clients taking is extremely valuable and important for every kind of coach.  It helps you remember key points […]

Overcoming Price Objections (The Persimmon Paradox)

Persimmons are far and away my favorite food. They outrank everything including chocolate, pasta, pizza, bread and butter, bagels, black and white cookies, onion soup, salmon,  fried clams, applesauce… even my mother’s tuna casserole (sorry Mom!) In fact, as they’re only available in New Hampshire for about 6 weeks in the fall each year, if […]