Understanding the Certification Program

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The Easiest Way to Get Clients

Want to know what’s really sad? ¬†SO many coaches try to get clients entirely the wrong way, and it not only costs them a fortune, but it leaves them feeling demoralized and thinking something like “coaching is just a joke, you can’t make a living at this.” Most coaches I’ve supervised initially thought it was […]

What Do Business Coaches Actually Do?

Ever wonder what BUSINESS coaches actually do? Right Click and Save Target As to find out ūüôā (Or listen online below) Now You Can TRY Our Actual Certification Program–NOT a High Pressure Sales Webinar–for a One Time Payment of Just $25

The Relationship and Couples Coaching Interview

So… you’ve been wondering where in the world the RELATIONSHIP coaching interview is? Here it is! My father, Martin S. Livingston, Ph.D. happens to have been working extensively with couples during the same period I was doing it. So way back when (about 15 years ago) we decided to “make a tape.” And here it […]

VIDEO: Start Your Own Coaching Tribe

When you persistently share the ENERGY of¬†your¬†coaching mission, a tribe can’t help but form around you! ¬†See, as a coach¬†on a mission, your real goal is to start your own tribe. ¬†I suggest every coach study this video very carefully, even if you’ve seen it before. ¬† Watch it several times and observe how you […]

Handling Clients NO Coach Should Ever Handle

Every coach needs to draw a clear line between psychotherapy, psychiatry, and coaching. ¬†There are just some clients NO coach should handle! ¬†But how DO you handle that conversation? ¬†Imagine if, right in the beginning of your session your client confidently announces they’re planning on killing themselves that day. ¬†What would you do? ¬†Reflexively, you’re […]

FREE BOOK: Why Fitness Trainers Make Great Coaches

Although I think that many people from all walks of life are prime candidates for becoming successful life coaches, there’s one group of people who completely embody everything a life coach is‚Ķ sometimes without even knowing it!¬† People who encourage others to meet their goals and help them chart the course. ¬† They support and […]