How to Sell 15000 Books on Amazon

Well, today’s post is a little different. Turns out one of my favorite authors (Susan Schenck – author of The Live Food Factor) was self published. And she sold 15,000+ books on using a few very simple techniques. I had originally asked to do this interview mostly because I was so interested in the […]

Overcome Any Coaching Obstacle

FREE EBOOK:  OVERCOME ANY COACHING OBSTACLE (Just right click the book and “save as” to download CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT GETTING CERTIFIED People come to coaches often because they are stuck. They are at a point in their careers, education, or relationships where something is keeping them from moving forward. In my experience, […]

How to Become Unstoppable

 There’s no such thing as an easy client.  Inevitably people throw up road blocks for themselves AND for you as a coach. Listen to “The Possibility Coaches” (John Satin and Chris Pattay) and I talk about some of the more common roadblocks and how to overcome them:    Right Click the Images Above to Download or […]