About Certification, Accreditation, and Regulation of the Coaching Industy

Feel a little (or a lot!) confused about certification, accreditation, and regulation in the coaching industry?   Listen to the VERY SHORT interview below (or read the transcript) and all the confusion will go away, we promise!  (We’ll not only explain the situation, but also how our coach training and certification fits in… in matter […]

VIDEO: Is Life Coaching Really Just a Big Dumb Joke?

Is life coaching really just a big dumb joke?  If you watch this video, you might think so! But here’s the truth… No matter what we do, there will always be hostility towards coaches because it’s a lot easier to eat Cheese Doodles, drink beer, and revel in negativity than to do the work of […]

Eight Steps to a Coaching Breakthrough

What if you could engineer a coaching breakthrough for your clients in virtually every session?  In this intriguing interview with spiritual life coach Mike Brown you’ll find out that it just might be possible!  Enjoy 🙂   Right Click the Images Above to Download or Scroll Down to Listen Online (Or Click Here for More Information […]

Charge What You’re Worth Already!

Some coaches think they’re doing clients a favor when they charge lower-than-they-should fees.  I’m not talking about when you’re beginning a practice.   (In the very beginning it’s essential to put experience and volume of clients as a  goal over and above your immediate income.)  I’m talking about coaches who seem to “get stuck” at a […]

8 Ways to Keep Clients Coming Back

You learn a few things about getting clients to keep coming back after 26 years and 1,000 clients.  Here are 8 simple ways to retain clients which you should really commit to memory:   Right Click and “Save As” on the Image Above to Download (Or Click Here for More Information About Getting Certified)HERE’S JUST […]