‘Crazy’ Coaching Techniques That Just Might Work…

In coaching, (as in life) sometimes a straight-forward linear approach is most useful. At other times, intuitive, unconventional approaches can produce PROFOUND results. In this interview one of our founders, Dr Sharon Livingston, pulls back her veil a bit to reveal her ‘Shaman Sharon’ side and demonstrates in person and with examples, how the use […]

Self Sabotaging Clients Are a Big Problem Unless You Do This

Self sabotaging clients can be a Big Problem for many coaches. (How do I get them to make progress? And if they aren’t making progress, why would they continue to pay me?)  In this interview, veteran coach Becky Castro, CPC, CPCC, gives essential advice many long time coaches and not just a few therapists would find transformative to their […]

Time Management Techniques for Coaches

Everyone and their dog has written a book or put out a course on Time Management.  It’s BORING! But COACHES have unique time management needs, and they almost all boil down to one critical question “Do Your Clients Respect Your Time?” Listen to this brief MP3 interview (or read the transcript) to find out: Five things even beginners […]

Overcoming Financial Head Trash That Holds Most Coaches Back

Something most coaches come to realize is that the more you charge, the more seriously you can take your coaching career. I’m all for doing some Pro Bono (free) work, but when you do too much coaching for FREE, it becomes very difficult to spend the time, energy, and money you want to spend on […]