Primary Certification

(Distance Learning via LIVE Webinars, Online Forum, Remote Practice, and Other Educational Materials)


Webinar Hosting: If you plan to follow the Easy Coach Marketing(tm) process we teach in our Coach Certification and Training and other marketing courses, you may wish to obtain a webinar hosting service.  Click the link above for the one we use and recommend.  (Webinars are used beginning in Phase TWO of the Easy Coach Marketing process)

Website/WordPress Hosting: We've used this service for over ten years.  They've got phenomenal customer service, great features, and fast hosting.  When we did have a problem (it's gotta happen once a decade with anyone), they made good with a substantial rebate

Newsletter and Autoresponder Host/Provider: Effective coach marketing in both FREE and paid media is much more effective when you can regularly communicate with prospects to share stories, give them useful tips, and let them hear your voice.  Email is still one of the best and most cost-efficient ways of doing this!   We've found the best combination of delivery rates, ease of use, and customer service at the vendor we've recommended.  (We use them ourselves).

(This is what we use to minimize feedback and background noise.  Usually under $30 via our tracking link above)

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