Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer certification via teleconference and/or online webinar meetings?

Yes!  Our core certification meetings are conducted entirely via teleconference and online webinars from the comfort of you own home.  If you can use a telephone and push the "on" button on your computer with an internet connection, you're all set!  (And if you have ANY trouble or technical-phobias, our courteous staff will walk you through it).    We've chosen to do it this way to spare our busy students the time and expense of travel, gas, accommodations, etc.  We do occasionally host a live, in-person training, but these are the exception rather than the rule and will always be clearly marked.  Assume trainings are conducted via teleconference and online  meeting unless otherwise noted.

Is certification legally required in order to practice as a coach?
Although you should check your local laws (and ask your attorney as this statement may not be construed as legal advice), certification is generally NOT required to charge for coaching services in most countries.  However, there are laws in many countries like the United States which require you to prove competence in ANY service you sell to the public.  In other words, you may be liable if you charge for coaching without documentation of your ability to provide it.  Obtaining a Certified Professional Coach ("CPC") designation from a credible agency is one way you may wish to document this ability.
Is the International Coach Certification Alliance's program a legally accredited certification?
Although you should check with your local, state, and federal government (and ask your attorney as this statement may not be construed as legal advice), in most countries there are NO laws which establish an accrediting body for the coaching profession.  For example, the United States government does NOT give accrediting power to the International Coaching Federation or ANY other coaching organization. 
Further, prospective clients almost never ask about accreditation, although they occasionally do ask about certification. What clients care about most is your ability to deliver stellar results relevant to their specific problems and goals!
Moreover, many of our Founders and Board Members (responsible for overseeing the quality and content of the certification program) have MORE experience in the helping professions than coaches responsible for developing the accreditation criteria at other organizations who have set themselves up to provide coach-training-accreditation.  And several of our Board Members also possess degrees from prestigious Universities like Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Yeshiva, etc. which are themselves accredited by the states in which they reside...
Last, our Board can generally be said to have a MUCH stronger marketing background than the Boards of other accrediting bodies, so submitting to the requirements of these organizations might jeopardize our ability to teach some of the unique methods we use to attract clients. (Remember, our founders built several marketing agencies and have previously sold more than $30,000,000 worth of marketing consulting, so we're not your average coaching organization when it comes to this department)
For all these reasons, we have chosen to rely first and foremost upon our Board to ensure the quality of our training.
Does the certification I will earn at the International Coach Certification Alliance have real value?
Of course!  There are dozens of certification organizations, but at the risk of being immodest, we believe we've got more experience in both coaching AND business development than any of them.  In addition to our founders' work with literally thousands of clients, their research, theories, and previous work have appeared in dozens of major media like The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Sun Times, The Milwaukee Business Journal, The NY Daily News, Crain's NY Business, CBS Radio, ABC Radio, Bloomberg Radio, UPN TV, and more.  (And they've sold more than $30,000,000 in consulting to major corporations like AT&T, Lipton, Hallmark, Panasonic, Whirpool, Nickelodeon, Colgate-Palmolive, Kodak, Bausch & Lomb, Bath and Body Works, and many more).  
Plus, we've got a stellar Board of Advisors which shapes and overseas our certification program.  This is a real program taught by experienced professionals who will impart real coaching and business development skills during the course of your training!
Is there a DISCOUNT for family members or others from my same company?
Yes.  Family members and/or others from your legally incorporated entity may attend the same certification you do at half price.  Limit one per class.  Please contact us to arrange the details.
If I choose one of your easy installment plans and am able to pay off my balance early, can I do so without penalty?
Yes!  Installment plan balances may be paid off at any time without penalty We offer a substantial pay in full discount because of the administrative costs associated with managing the longer term plans. (Many choose to get started with us at the lower monthly rates with the idea they'll build their practice and earn more money, then pay off the balance early)
Will I need to take a test to receive my Certified Professional Coach designation?
Yes. Because your credentials will have real value, we must ensure everyone who receives them has mastered the fundamentals of the professional coaching system we teach. However, we consider your success on this exam our responsibility! The fee for the exam is included in your tuition, and you can re-take the test as many times as necessary until you pass with no additional charge. There are also NO trick questions or purposefully difficult items on the exam, so if you simply keep up with at least 75% of the class assignments you should already know everything you need to know in order to pass by the time your class is complete.
Do I need to get re-certified every year and/or pay a membership fee to maintain my credentials?
No! Once you've earned your certification it becomes a lifetime credential. There are NO renewal fees, dues, or membership requirements. Everything you need to maintain your credentials is included in the initial tuition.
Do I need a degree in counseling or therapy before I can become a certified professional coach?
You do NOT need a degree in psychology, or a background in counseling or human resources to become an independent, successful coach...because coaching isn't therapy! We'll teach you the difference in clear and distinct terms, and show you how to refer those with more serious problems to other licensed professionals. (Ironically, these opportunities can also be used to turn therapists, psychiatrists, counselors, and social workers, etc. into a great source of referrals for your practice)...
Must I have any type of college degree before I can become a certified professional coach?
The most important thing is that you've got a genuine drive to help others, to share the wisdom of your personal experience, and to spare others the pain you've gone through in your own journey. (They don't teach that in college!)
What tools do I need for the online certification program?
Our online certification program is designed to require only a telephone and a computer. Our in-person certification programs require only your presence.
What kind of support is available after I graduate?
At present, our certification comes with full membership in the alliance's professional coaching community through the end of 2017. This includes access to the ICCA partners community, and Live Supervision groups.
In short, we'll provide you with ongoing support as you venture beyond certification, into professional practice, and the rest of your coaching career!
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