If you're not getting the results you've dreamed of in business, fitness, or ANY other important area of life—because there never seems to be enough time!—you'll be thrilled with this new, aggressively guaranteed service:

Glenn Livingston, Ph.D.


Glenn's companies, research, and theories have appeared in all the major media above. 

His wife and he have sold more than $30,000,000 in consulting services to the companies listed on this page...

But he couldn't have accomplished anywhere near this level of success without the ongoing assistance of a specially trained coach. 

And now YOU can benefit from much the same process at a fraction of the price!

"Double Your Progress Towards Any Goal...Or Double Your Money Back!"

"If My Highly Trained Productivity Coaches Don't Literally Double Your Progress Towards ANY Goal in 30 Days or Less—Measured in Any WAY You Choose—I'll Not Only Insist You Get a Full Refund, I'll Write You an Extra Check to Double What You Paid!  (Keep Reading for the Full Details of Our 'Put Up or Shut Up' Productive Progress Double Guarantee)"

Travis Cody, Author
"Cure Overwhelm Now"

NOTE: Travis Needed Help Getting His Book Done...But
That's Just ONE of the Goals This Revolutionary
New Service Can Help You Accomplish:

  • Write Your Book
  • Finish That Marketing Campaign
  • Finish Your Certification or Professional Degree
  • Get Your Website Done
  • Complete That Product
  • Get Out and Speak Professionally
  • Make Those Calls, Networking Contacts, etc
  • Write That Sales Letter
  • Hire the Right Person to Grow Your Business
  • Implement That Course You Already Studied and Loved
  • Build an Outsourcing Team
  • Learn a New Business Skill
  • Lose Weight or Stick to a Diet
  • Get Better Sleep
  • Better Time Management
  • Finish That Household Project
  • Take Your Vitamins
  • Read More Books
  • Stick with an Exercise Routine
  • Get Outside More
  • Train Your Dog
  • Find Time to Spend with Family
  • Find Time to Spend AWAY from Your Family.  (Get More "Me Time")
  • Learn to Play an Instrument
  • Keep Commitments in Personal Relationships (Improve your marriage, family life, etc)

By Glenn Livingston, Ph.D.

If you've got great ideas and plans which you KNOW have the potential to create a LOT more success in your life or business...


If you work hard on these plans—perhaps hours each day—but never seem to make much progress...


If you're consistently distracted from making progress towards your goals by "new and exciting" things (e.g. "shiny object syndrome")...


If you'd like to multiply your effectiveness and productive output by systematically delegating to others, but you can't seem to find the time (or skills) to make it happen...


If you know what to do, but aren't quite sure how to actually get it done...


If you find yourself setting deadlines, only to see the day come and go without completing your critical task (or perhaps with even more things piling up on your list)...


Then you'll be positively thrilled to learn there IS a solution...and a very powerful one at that!...



WARNING: There's a BIG difference between professional productivity coaching and a "whip cracking accountability partner!"  


Getting someone to yell at you when you don't get things done is ineffective at best—(and masochistic at worst!)—because most people just start avoiding the taskmaster instead of the task.  This totally defeats the point and can actually make things worse.  


You don't need someone new to yell at you for not accomplishing your goals.  As a matter of fact, if you're like most people who've read this far, you're almost certainly yelling at yourself quite enough!

What you need is a Professional Productivity Coach..


Professional Productivity Coaching is a different animal than the casual accountability relationships you may be familiar with.  It does NOT involve a whip-cracking taskmaster.  It also does NOT require self-help books you'll never implement, or keeping a time management journal you don't have time to keep! (If you had TIME to keep a time management journal you wouldn't NEED a time management journal, right?)

Professional Productivity Coaching does recognize the difficulty people have in holding themselves to task... but goes way beyond the common "whip cracking" approach.  See, your coach knows—and I mean really knows!—HOW people accomplish their most important life and business goals.

(S)he's thoroughly familiar with BOTH the mechanics and the process of achievement.   And (s)he thoroughly understands the obstacles which prevent it...

Why a Professional Productivity Coach is
Both Much Different AND Much Better
than a Whip Cracking Taskmaster

A professional productivity coach is NOT a whip cracking taskmaster!  (S)he's someone who...

A simple taskmaster is a nice idea in theory, but unless your partner is professionally trained and experienced in dealing with obstacles like the ones above, these types of arrangements typically just don't work.

Amateur accountability arrangements simply don't help people get the right things done, in the right order, at the right time.

You really DO need a professional to reach right goal after right goal after right goal... in as short a time as possible.

Why Professional Productivity Coaching
Works Where So Many Other Arrangements Fail

Let's summarize exactly what it takes to achieve success:

Productivity coaching works because it forces participants to think critically about each one of those points.  It's simply impossible for even the very best, most experienced entrepreneurs to implement each point thoroughly on their own.

What Would It Be Worth to DOUBLE Your Productive, Meaningful Output in the Next Thirty Days...Guaranteed?

We offer biweekly calls with a specially trained productivity coach to double your progress towards your most significant goals (defined however you choose)... or you get DOUBLE your money back! 

And the best part is, because you'll be working on ONE laser-focused goal at a time, these coaching sessions are only fifteen minutes long.  That's convenient for your schedule, and even better for your wallet.

Each week your productivity specialist will take you through the following six point process with respect to your most significant and meaningful goal:

  1. CHECK IN: Check in on last week's goal. Listen for accomplishments, obstacles, awareness, and insights.

  2. INQUIRE: Inquire about next week's goal.

  3. SIGNIFICANCE: Discuss your goal's significance and place in the "big picture".

  4. RESOURCES: Plan the necessary resources to avoid becoming stymied. (Time, money, man power, etc)...

  5. OBSTACLES: What obstacles might come up? How can you guard against them?

  6. DEADLINES: By when will you take the action (specific day/time)? Is that realistic?

By skillfully helping you discuss your most important goal that particular week in the context of the above six reference points, your Professional Productivity Coach ensures not only that you've committed to WHAT you want to get done, but also—crucially—HOW you plan to do it...

This way you're set up for success!

By now you're probably wondering how much you'll need to invest to supercharge your progress towards your most significant goal.  Similar services charge as much as $750 per month without the same well thought through and structured process, without a founder with a significant background of accomplishment and overachieving themselves, and without the DOUBLE your money back guarantee! But we charge less for two reasons:

Current Price Schedule:


Without Case Study Discount

$165 per Month

Note: We ask everyone to start on a bi-weekly basis to
ensure a good coach-to-client match.  Once it's clear
you and your coach work well together (e.g. you're
successfully doubling your progress!), you may choose
to move to a weekly session frequency at your option


Before You Sign Up We Need to Be
Sure Our Professional Productivity
Coaching is Really a Good Fit for You

That's Why It All Starts with a Simple Thirty Minute "Productive Action Blueprint" Session for Just $30
(And this session is guaranteed too!  See below)

Think this might be for you?  We're taking applications now, but not everyone who applies will be accepted, because—for everyone's sake—we need to make sure we're a good fit for you, and that you’re a good fit for the service.

Also, providing this service requires a specially trained coach of a very particular caliber.  Because the level of personal care is VERY important to us, we MUST limit the number of clients in the service at any given time.   We therefore periodically close the service to new clients to attend to coach-client ratios, as well as to improving our supervision and training systems to handle the volume.

That's why it all starts with a 30 minute strategy session to determine your "Productive Action Blueprint." You'll speak with a Professional Productivity Coach to review your specific situation, past history of accomplishment and procrastination... as well as your expectations, concerns, and questions about the service.  Together you and your coach will determine whether this makes sense for you, how to define your goal, and whether to go forward with the bi-weekly sessions.

Oh... and the tips you'll discover during the productive action blueprint session alone should be worth at least $1,000—even if we never formally work together after the session—but your cost is only $30. Here are just some of the things you'll get from this short consultation:

  1. Gain clarity about where you are AND where you want to go:

    1. Separate achievable goals from wishful thinking (dreams)

    2. Reduce the number of goals you have, to a manageable number

    3. Prioritize your goals.

    4. Discover if your goals are actually your goals! (Trying to achieve goals that are not really yours is futile.)

  2. Discover why certain things have tripped you up in the past (Was it the nature of the task, the circumstances, the resources available to you, difficulty breaking the goal into meaningful, measurable steps, or something else?)

  3. Discover exactly WHY you've been avoiding action (be honest, you're curious!)...

  4. Understand the resources needed to reach your goals...

  5. Find / develop ways to obtain these resources. (Our productivity coaches will have suggestions you've almost certainly never considered)...

  6. Understand the power of 'why' and get clear on your own motivations...

  7. Learn how to recognize and deal with distractions. (They'll become like droplets of water, rolling off a duck's back)...

  8. Understand the importance of celebrating small victories...

  9. Discover the magic of small, consistent actions ('big doors swing on tiny hinges')...

  10. Recognize your tendency toward perfectionism and how it holds you back...

If you're accepted—and YOU want to go forward—we'll arrange the logistics together at that time.  But if you're unhappy with the consultation for any reason, we'll give you a full refund.  (Just let your coach know before you get off the phone and allow 48 hours for processing)

Life Doesn't Come With Guarantees, But
This Service Comes with THREE of Them!

YOUR THREE GUARANTEES IN A NUTSHELL: Your first $30 blueprint payment is fully refundable.  Then, if you decide to go forward, the first 30 days of the actual service is refundable too.  And, if you come on time to each session and make a good faith effort to follow the instructions—but fail to double your progress—we'll write you an extra check to DOUBLE your money back. 

You have absolutely ZERO risk... there is literally NO way you can lose.

But Because This is a Real Service Involving Specially Trained Coaches with Limited Time and Session Space, Please Reserve Your Productive Action Blueprint Today!
(We periodically close enrollment to maintain
client-coach ratios and quality of service.)

Remember, it all starts with the $30 productive action blueprint, which itself is 100% guaranteed.  Just submit your order, then reply to the welcome email with the details of your situation...there's a very short questionnaire to guide you.  Thereafter we'll be in touch to schedule your blueprint within two business days (if not sooner!)

I have read and agreed to the Disclaimer and Terms of Use Agreement, the Full Testimonial and Results Disclosure Statement, and the Privacy Policy. I know that coaching is NOT psychotherapy, counseling, or a substitute for sessions with any other licensed professional. I further understand I am ONLY purchasing the Productive Action Blueprint one time strategy session at this time, but I HAVE read the pricing on the full service so we'll be on the same page if we decide to go forward.  I know today's payment is one time only...and I will not be billed again unless I tell you to upgrade me after my session.  Last, if I don't believe my Productive Action Blueprint was worth at least 10 times what I paid for it, I'll let my coach know before we get off the phone/Skype and my payment today will be refunded in full.  On that basis, I will proceed with my order!  (I will also fill out a very brief questionnaire on the thank you page to facilitate scheduling and the outcome of the session)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Because this is a service which requires highly trained coaches with real time limitations, we must reserve the right to close enrollment without notice in order to maintain client-to-coach ratios.  And although we make every effort to keep this page up to date, there also exists a small possibility the service will be overbooked even though your order goes through.  If this is the case, we reserve the right to place you on a first-come-first-served waiting list and/or refund your money.  By submitting the form and placing your order, you are agreeing that these would be your sole remedies in the event we are overbooked.