Code of Ethics

  • I will conduct myself in accord with this Code of Ethics in all my affairs.

  • I will represent my abilities, services, and products to the public accurately, honestly, and completely, making NO false statements or claims. 

  • I will never solicit and/or endeavor to provide treatment, products, and/or services regulated by other licensed professions and/or laws.

  • I will not falsify and/or exaggerate my expertise, qualifications, or experience.

  • I will fully disclose the difference between coaching, psychotherapy, medicine, accounting, law, and/or all other relevant, licensed professions before accepting clients into my coaching practice.

  • I will never claim other professionals' contributions to the field as my own.

  • Whenever I find myself outside my scope of practice I will seek professional assistance to supplement my existing knowledge and expertise. 

I will investigate the medical and/or psychiatric history of all prospective clients before taking them into my coaching practice:

  • Whenever I find there has been a history of danger to self and/or others and/or a history of mental illness, I will refer the client and/or prospect to a licensed psychiatrist and will only provide coaching services to said client and/or prospect upon obtaining formal approval from said psychiatrist, which may include the additional requirement that the client concurrently work with licensed professionals.

  • When I find there has been a history of medical disease and/or diagnosis, I will refer the client to a licensed physician.

I will rigorously avoid conflicts of interest which may impair my ability to provide coaching services with integrity:

  • I will aggressively seek to avoid conflicts of interest and shall forthrightly disclose when such an issue exists, offering to remove myself in order to protect my integrity as a Certificate Holder from the International Coach Certification Alliance AND the integrity of the profession as a whole.

  • I will pay special attention to Confidentiality with respect to my clients records and any/all information they may disclose to me:

  • I will fully disclose to all clients the limits of confidentiality in a coaching relationship before accepting them into my coaching practice.

  • I will maintain my clients' records in a confidential manner, and will comply with all local, state, and federal laws.

  • Before releasing confidential client information to others I will always obtain written permission unless otherwise required by law.  Said agreement will always specify the nature of the information to be released, specifically to whom it may be released, and for what time period the release will remain in effect.

  • I accept full responsibility for maintaining appropriate boundaries with respect to physical and/or intimate contact with my clients.  In no circumstances will I have sexual relations with my clients and/or former clients.

  • I will freely recommend additional consultations with professionals other than myself when my clients and/or prospects present issues, problems, and/or goals for which I am not well suited or experienced.

  • I will avoid financial conflicts of interest too:

  • I understand and agree ONLY to accept barter as a form of payment if there is NO chance it will impair the coaching relationship with my client.

  • When and if I have a financial arrangement with another coach or professional wherein I receive compensation for referrals, I will disclose this arrangement to those clients I refer.

  • If I am to financially benefit via the coaching relationship in a manner not specified in the original agreement, I will both disclose this to my client and seek outside counsel from a more experienced coach or supervisor to ensure this will not impair my ability to deliver coaching services.

  • I will not endeavor to keep a client in my coaching practice if they are not making significant, regular progress towards their stated goals.  I will allow my clients to freely terminate their coaching relationship at any time without penalty.

  • Where it seems a client has outgrown my abilities and/or whenever another coach and/or other professional would be more appropriate to help the client achieve their goals and/or ambitions, I will unflinchingly refer them to a more qualified professional.

  • I accept full responsibility for maintaining appropriate boundaries with regards to financial entanglements with clients and former clients.  Where conflicts exist I will always choose the option which benefits my clients more so than myself.

  • Charting and Documentation: I have thoroughly reviewed the recommended procedures for keeping a formal coaching chart contained within my certification program, and will adhere to these scrupulously wherever and whenever I have represented myself as having been certified by the International Coach Certification Alliance and/or Psy Tech Inc. and/or, LLC and/or any of the principals and/or founders of these entities.

  • Commitment to Personal and Professional Excellence:

  • I will regularly assess--with the assistance of other, more experienced coaches and/or licensed professionals--whether any personal issues are impairing, conflicting, and/or interfering with my ability to deliver the coaching services I provide.  If such a professional should believe I am impaired, conflicted, or otherwise unable to provide such a service, I will obtain the appropriate professional supervision, coaching, and/or treatment until I am no longer impaired, conflicted, or otherwise unable to provide said service.

  • My Solemn Oath:  By agreeing to this Code of Ethics, I hereby acknowledge and agree to uphold ALL my ethical and legal obligations to all clients to whom I may provide coaching services (whether now or in the future), as well as the public at large.  I understand this Code of Ethics applies to all coaching and/or consulting and/or other services provided to clients to whom I have represented myself as having been certified by the International Coach Certification Alliance.  If I breach this Oath in any way, I further agree that the International Coach Certification Alliance--in their sole discretion--may rescind any and/or all credentials granted and any/all associated memberships, privileges, and/or responsibilities.